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Complete Pricing

Competitive Pricing without any additional fees

Our Reseller programs gives you the best prices in the market. There are no annual membership or setup fees and you can cancel at any time.

Domain Pricing
.ac $48.80/yr $57.02/yr $19.50/yr
.ag $178.93/yr
.am $65.00/yr $18.00/yr
.asia $13.25/yr
.at $20.25/yr
.be $14.56/yr
.biz $15.09/yr $63.44/yr $37.50/yr
.bz $14.30/yr
.ca $13.71/yr
.cc $19.50/yr
.cn $13.33/yr $34.00/yr
.co $28.00/yr $97.60/yr $26.03/yr $18.50/yr $40.51/yr $38.00/yr $7.95/yr
.com $10.56/yr $79.48/yr $24.34/yr $19.83/yr $11.00/yr $38.41/yr $17.00/yr $140.31/yr $45.61/yr $42.00/yr $51.66/yr $161.36/yr $19.89/yr $58.23/yr
.cx $25.00/yr
.cz $38.42/yr
.de $14.50/yr $13.00/yr
.es $16.00/yr
.eu $6.28/yr $18.00/yr $19.00/yr
.fm $69.00/yr $16.00/yr $35.00/yr
.gd $22.00/yr $56.94/yr $19.00/yr $70.15/yr
.gr $54.00/yr $19.50/yr
.gs $18.20/yr
.hn $91.40/yr $37.50/yr
.ie $31.29/yr
.in $19.00/yr $19.00/yr
.info $16.12/yr $51.66/yr
.io $92.73/yr
.it $21.00/yr
.jp $45.81/yr $37.50/yr $18.00/yr
.la $27.00/yr
.lc $39.61/yr
.li $20.96/yr
.lt $38.42/yr $7.95/yr
.lu $161.36/yr
.me $22.18/yr $15.90/2 yrs
.mn $64.91/yr
.mobi $25.05/yr
.ms $26.00/yr
.name $8.55/yr
.net $12.68/yr $79.48/yr $19.83/yr $12.00/yr $91.40/yr $19.00/yr $32.98/yr $38.00/yr $51.66/yr $105.98/yr $19.89/yr $48.82/yr
.nl $6.46/yr $39.00/yr $79.48/yr $11.00/yr $16.00/yr $26.03/yr
.org $10.63/yr $97.60/yr $11.70/yr $16.00/yr $112.24/yr $18.19/yr $40.47/yr $39.00/yr $63.44/yr $130.13/yr $19.89/yr $7.95/yr $60.84/yr
.pl $44.73/yr
.pt $64.91/yr $15.00/yr
.ro $47.01/yr $37.50/yr $67.00/yr
.sc $140.31/yr $46.36/yr
.se $40.66/yr $37.50/yr $37.50/yr
.sh $92.73/yr
.si $64.91/yr
.tc $92.00/yr
.tk $19.71/yr
.travel $109.00/yr
.tv $31.75/yr
.tw $19.89/yr $37.50/yr $37.50/yr
.us $8.45/yr $15.00/yr $19.50/yr $37.50/yr
.vc $48.80/yr
.vg $22.00/yr
.ws $24.00/yr
.xxx $80.60/yr $67.00/yr
Windows Hosting
Essential $4.25/month
Professional $5.25/month
Unlimited $6.75/month
Linux Hosting
Economy $4.99/month
Business $5.90/month
Ultimate $8.99/month
SSL Certificates - Comodo
Domain Validation Certificate $11.05/yr
Domain Validation Certificate - Wildcard $67.50/yr
Organization Validation Certificate $26.00/yr
Organization Validation Certificate - Wildcard $196.30/yr
Extended Validation Certificate $261.30/yr
SSL Certificates - Geo Trust
GeoTrust Rapid SSL $10.40/yr
GeoTrust Rapid SSL - Wildcard $115.70/yr
GeoTrust True Business ID $65.00/yr
GeoTrust True Business ID - Wildcard $292.50/yr
GeoTrust True Business ID with EV $128.70/yr
SSL Certificates - DigiCert
DigiCert Secure Site Certificate $204.10/yr
DigiCert Secure Site Certificate with EV $581.10/yr
DigiCert Secure Site Certificate Professional $713.70/yr
DigiCert Secure Site Certificate Pro with EV $1298.70/yr
SSL Certificates - Thawte
Thawte SSL Web Server $63.70/yr
Thawte SSL Web Server Wildcard $390.00/yr
Thawte SSL Web Server With EV $414.70/yr
Mobile Hosting
Mobile Hosting $2.00/month
Express $14.76/month
Premium $71.56/month
Site Builder
Site Builder $8.99/month
Site Lock
Basic $9.99/yr
Premium $26.99/yr
Enterprise $79.99/yr
500 MB $0.80/month
5 GB $1.00/month
10 GB $1.20/month
Domain Shield
Domain Shield $5.00/yr
Domain DNS Hosting
Domain DNS Hosting $4.00/yr
We Build it for You (Website Design Services – eWorksXL)
5 Page eWorksXL Monthly Subscription $97.70/month (Minimum 3 month term)
5 Page eWorksXL Annual Subscription $999.95/yr