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Available Domain Name Extensions

We have the World Covered!

Thousands of resellers and countless businesses, including many of our nation’s Fortune 100 companies, rely on SRSPlus as their preferred registrar for domain names. Register, renew or transfer your domain names at low prices with no volume commitments. We provide access to over 140 domain extensions and are always adding more.

Generic Top Level Domains

  • .BIZ
  • .COM
  • .INFO
  • .NET
  • .ORG

Specialty Top Level Domains

  • .ASIA
  • .ME
  • .MOBI
  • .NAME
  • .TEL
  • .XXX

Country Specific Domain Names (ccTLDs)

TLD Associated Country
.AC Ascension Island
.AC.NZ New Zealand
.AE.ORG United Arab Emirates alternate
.AG Antigua and Barbuda
.AM Armenia
.AR.COM Argentina,alternate for .ar
.ASIA Asia
.AT Austria
.BE Belgium
.BIZ.PL Poland
.BR.COM Brazil, alternate for .br
.BZ Belize
.CA Canada
.CC Cocos
.CN China
.CN.COM China alternate for .cn
.CO Colombia
.CO.AG Antigua and Barbuda
.CO.AT Austria
.CO.IN India
.CO.LC Saint Lucia
.CO.NZ New Zealand
.CO.UK United Kingdom
.COM.AG Antigua and Barbuda
.COM.AU Australia
.COM.CN China
.COM.CO Colombia
.COM.DE Germany
.COM.ES Spain
.COM.HN Honduras
.COM.LC Saint Lucia
.COM.MX Mexico
.COM.PL Poland
.COM.SC Seychellers
.COM.TW Taiwan
.COM.VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
.CX Chairstmas Island
.CZ Czexh Republic
.DE Germany
.DE.COM Germany,alternate for .de
.ES Spain
.EU European Union
.EU.COM European Union,alternate for .eu
TLD Associated Country
.FIRM.IN India
.FM Federated States of Micronesia
.GB.COM United Kingdom, alternate for .uk
.GB.NET United Kingdom, alternate for .uk
.GD Grenada
.GEEK.NZ New Zealand
.GEN.IN India
.GEN.NZ New Zealand
.GR Greece
.GR.COM Greece
.GS South Georgia & Sandwich Islands
.HN Honduras
.HU.COM Hungry,alternate for .hu
.IE Republic fo Ireland
.IN India
.IND.IN India
.INFO.PL Poland
.IO British Indian Ocean Territory
.IT Italy
.JP Japan
.JPN.COM Japan ,alternate for .jp
.KR.COM Republic of Korea, alternate for .kr
.LA Laos
.LC Saint Lucia
.LI Liechtenstein
.LT Lithuania
.LTD.UK United Kingdom
.LU Luxembourg
.ME.UK United Kingdom
.MN Mongolia
.MS Montserrat
.NET.AG Antigua and Barbuda
.NET.CN China
.NET.CO Columbia
.NET.HN Honduras
.NET.IN India
.NET.LC Saint Lucia
.NET.NZ NewZealand
.NET.SC Seychelles
.NET.TW Taiwan
.NET.VC St. Vincent and The Grenadines
.NL Netherlands
.NO.COM Norway,alternate for .no
TLD Associated Country
.NOM.AG Antigua & Barbuda
.NOM.CO Columbia
.NOM.ES Spian
.OR.AT Austria
.ORG.AG Antigua
.ORG.CN China
.ORG.ES Spain
.ORG.HN Honduras
.ORG.IN India
.ORG.LC Saint Lucia
.ORG.NZ New Zealand
.ORG.PL Poland
.ORG.SC Seychelles
.ORG.TW Taiwan
.ORG.UK United Kingdom
.ORG.VC Vincent and The Grenadines
.PL Poland
.PT Portugal
.QC.COM Quebec
.RO Romania
.RU.COM Russian Federation, alternate for .ru
.SA.COM SaudiArabia, alternate for .sa
.SC Seychelles
.SCHOOL.NZ New zealand
.SE Sweden
.SE.COM Swedan,alternate for .se
.SE.NET Swedan,alternate for .se
.SH St.Helena
.SI Slovenia
.TC Turks & Caicos Islands
.TK Tokelau
.TV Tuvalu
.TW Taiwan
.UK.COM United Kingdom, alternate for .uk
.UK.NET United Kingdom, alternate for .uk
.US United States
.US.COM United States alternate for .us
.US.ORG United States
.UY.COM Uruguay, alternate for .uy
.VC St. Vincent and The Grenadines
.VG British Virgin Islands
.WS Samoa
.ZA.COM South Africa, alternate for .za

Bulk Transfer Discounts

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